Grading System In Germany

Change your regular grad into Germany grading system. Here I listed some websites that convert your grade to German grade.  

Germany Admission Sites

DAAD Main Site (Bangladesh) : DAAD is an organization that helps students to study Germany. It does not offer any self-organized course or program. Self-governing national agency of the institutions of higher education in Germany that provide information about 355+ University for higher study and so on.   Find International Programmes in Germany :…

You’re on time!

Someone graduated at 22, but had to wait 5 years to get a good job; Someone became a great businessman at 25 and died at 50. Meanwhile, another person became a manager at 50 and lived to 90 with health. Someone remains single while someone else is getting married; President Obama ended political life at…

Relative Layout Template

A RelativeLayout is a very powerful utility for designing a user interface because it can eliminate nested view groups and keep your layout hierarchy flat, which improves performance. If you find yourself using several nested LinearLayout groups, you may be able to replace them with a single RelativeLayout.


List of BDIX Connected Bangladeshi FTP Server’s

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Process 1: With Using Plugins : Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Insert Headers and Footers Plugin Process 2: With Out Using Plugins : Install Google Analytics in WordPress Theme Open Your Theme Directory and open header.php file Then Inset Your Google Analytics Tracking Code After the <body> Tag Past Your Code That Look Like…